Thursday, March 31, 2011

him heang vs loong fatt - tausarpiah contest

penang him heang's tausarpiah is famous. even people from singapore know about it. they have been trying to get some for the last two times when they were in penang. but the first time, they went on a sunday, it was closed on sunday. the 2nd time they went at 5.30pm, it was closed after 5pm. and this time they went on wednesday at 4.13pm after nearly missed this mansion-like chinese cookie shop in burma road. last minute check on blackberry found the address and made their day. they paid for 4 packets and had to wait for 20 minutes in queue to get them, freshly from the oven. all that hype, the proof was in the pudding, or in this case "tausarpiah". the filling is more moist, unlike the normal ones which is quite powdery and dry, but same as the normal ones, over-poweredly garlic-laced. fragrant because it has lard. the shape is bite-size, like a small ball.

compared with the most famous tausarpiah in singapore the loong fatt tausarpiah in balestier road - he liked the singapore one, no garlic taste, the filling is paste-like, and sweeter, the shape is flattened, and bigger, good for a few bites. singaporeans like sweet things. for a lot of food as long as it's sweet, singaporeans would say it's good, though many times he doesn't think so. but for tausarpiah, he agrees with his countrymen for once.

singapore has a lot of number 1's; the best airport, the first erp, the most efficient gahmen, the most expensive civil servants, first nite-race F1, the most successful public housing implementation, probably has the least umployment(2%) and the oldest de facto dictator, and now


and soon,

the youngest mp(tin peiling)!

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