Tuesday, July 26, 2011

hoverfly - spot hovering

when an insect is in flight, it's difficult to focus and get a good picture of it. normal bees dart around. bumblebees dart around, and sometimes freeze in air for very short time. but the hover fly freezes in midair for as long as half a minute.....
so he got some good pictures of it.... with 300mm zoom, high iso, fast speed, 1/800sec above...

accordingly, the male hover fly hovers because it's showing the female how good it's hovering technique is, and the female impressed by it will be attracted to it. and it does this for the whole morning, then has it takes break for lunch, then does it hovering act again for the whole afternoon.

- a man thinks about sex every 7sec, say the thot lingers on for 3 secs. then he would spend 3/10 of his awake-time on sexy thots. but a hover fly spends 6 hours doing its hovering, only 3 hours on feeding, hence it spends 6/9 or 1/3 of its time dwelling on how to get a hump.

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